When Darkness Swallows The Light


When darkness threatens one who is so wise and inspiring as the subject of this verse we find ourselves wondering what is it we can say or do to return the love and inspiration to them. Surely there is nothing I can say …..
Nay, I tell you there is something and if you truly mean it as you say it to him. It will make a difference.
Wishing you Peace, Grace and Strength Brother.






There is one who spoke to us
In times of dark and grey
He held a lamp of hope for us
And kindly lit the way
His wisdom grace and strength
Flowed from all his words
His peace and hope was there
Waiting to be heard
But darkness has a way
Of touching all of us
And now the voice we listened
To needs encouragement from us
What you say can be said
To one so wise as he
Which words to use to show
He has support from me
I know there are no words
That will fall upon his ear
That will raise him more
Than “Brother, I am here”
You called to me when I
Was standing where you are
You held your lamp to show
The exit isn’t far
All I had to do was trust
That you were there for me
So brother I call to you
That I am here for thee



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  1. When darkness surrounds, burn in the light! And if a few dark minions get set on fire…oh well! 😀

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